3D Laser Scanning

We are experienced 3D Laser Scanning service providers, actively using this technology since 2005. 3D Scanning projects are carried out by our registered surveyors to ensure point cloud data is compliant with engineering standards.

We are experienced service providers in the petrochemical, nuclear and construction environments.

Our products include

  • 3D coloured Point Clouds
  • 3D mesh and solid models
  • 2D plans
  • BIM Revit models
  • Hi-Res HDR panoramic photography.

Precise Engineering Survey

We offer surveys for industrial applications, often requiring high precision work and custom solutions.

  • Monitoring
  • Alignment surveys
  • Precise measurements and positioning
  • High precision levelling
  • Deformation surveys and analysis

Topographical & Construction Survey

Lloyd & Hill surveys uses a variety of the latest technologies including the use of Theodolites, 3D Scanners, GPS/GNSS and Drones/UAV. We also do underground detection surveys using GPR and cable detectors with a specialist partner.

We offer

  • Topographical site plans
  • Height certificates
  • Basement certificates
  • Rental Area certificates
  • Underground service plans
  • Setting out
  • Monitoring
  • Quality verification

Cadastral Surveys

We have extensive experience in the greater Cape Town area offering cadastral surveys for a range of new and existing developments.

  • Beacon relocations
  • Land Surveyor’s certificates
  • Subdivision and consolidation
  • Subdivision applications
  • Servitudes and other land rights diagrams
  • Expert evidence in legal disputes
  • Exploration, mineral, offshore prospecting lease and mining rights diagrams
  • Identification certificates
  • Prescription claims

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